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How To Create a "No Excuses" Culture

By Stephen Lynch on Apr 17, 2018

Steve Blank is a silicon valley author, entrepreneur, university lecturer, and pioneer of the Lean Startup movement. I read an interesting blog article by Steve about creating a “No Excuses” culture and thought I would explore the concept further.

Topics: Management
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Does Writing Down Goals Really Work?

By Stephen Lynch on Apr 11, 2018

Stop me if you have heard the following story:

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Open vs Closed Door Management

By Stephen Lynch on Apr 3, 2018

It’s almost a cliché in business; Managers saying, “I have an open door policy”. But what does this really mean and what are the implications of adopting this principle?

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Three Ways to Use the 70-20-10 Rule

By Stephen Lynch on Mar 27, 2018

The 70-20-10 ratio has several applications that I am aware of: Time allocation in meetings; Resource allocation for driving innovation, Job training - just to name a few. You may be aware of other applications too. The order in which the ratio get applied tends to vary, 20-70-10, 70-20-10, 10-20-70 etc. Here my take on how to apply these ratios in your business:

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Is It Time to Update Your Company Vision?

By Stephen Lynch on Mar 20, 2018

Here at RESULTS.com we recently chose to update our company vision. Obviously, this is not something to be undertaken frequently or frivolously.

Topics: Culture
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How to Start Teaching Your Strategy to Your Team

By Tom Lombardo on Mar 13, 2018

A Japanese proverb says, “Vision without action is a dream. And action without vision is a nightmare.” For any successful organization, the vision is the strategic plan. And yet many leaders find themselves in the nightmare of constantly putting out fires and working “in” the organization instead of “on” it.

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The Tyranny of Metrics

By Stephen Lynch on Mar 5, 2018

Book Review of The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z. Muller

Helping business leaders to identify the right metrics (key performance indicators) is a core part of any strategy consulting practice.

Topics: KPIs
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Create Strategic Planning Success

By Andrew Ritchie on Feb 27, 2018

Over the years, I’ve worked with numerous organisations to help create more effective, productive and engaging strategies. The 5 P’s of productive meetings is one of the tools we use to help businesses transform meetings and it strikes me how especially important these principles are to the strategic planning process.

Since you'll complete your strategic planning at meetings, following the 5 P’s of productive meetings ensures that you approach them with the right mindset. Following these principles enables you to conduct an effective process, to be clear on the decisions that you will make, and to set yourself up with the best plan to execute on your strategic priorities.

Here are the 5 P’s as they apply to strategic planning meetings:
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Manage Your Way to Originality

By Tom Lombardo on Feb 20, 2018

You know the feeling: One day you find yourself looking for "creativity" in the tiniest nooks and crannies of your business processes. And then it  hits you: Somehow you've lost sight of the universe in which your business exists.  Every successful leader has felt disconnected like this at some point. You don’t know what needs to change, but you know that you’re looking for the answer in the wrong places. 

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What Makes a Project Strategic?

By Stephen Lynch on Feb 13, 2018

A client asked recently, “What is the difference between a Strategic Project and a regular Project?”

Topics: Strategy
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