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10 Tips for Delivering a Live Webinar

Your next webinar should be your best! Based on a survey by ReadyTalk, between 20% and 40% of webinar attendees turn out to be qualified leads.


Throughout my professional career, I’ve given countless presentations that were hosted either online or in person. No matter where, whether it’s in the office, at home, or in the front of hundreds of people, I take every opportunity to represent our company as best as possible.

Last month I found myself presenting an online workshop from our San Francisco office to an audience based all around the world. Afterward, I talked with my team and shared a few of the tips that I’ve learned about delivering webinars. Now I’d like to share them with you.

Here're 10 tips for delivering a live webinar that you may not have considered:

#1. Dress like you’re presenting a seminar.

I find that when I put on a shirt, a blazer, and a nice pair of shoes I’m in an entirely different mode and deliver a much more professional webinar. It’s the small things that count.

#2. Always be hardwired, you can’t afford to mess around with the Internet.

I can’t count the number of time’s I’ve run into issues with the net, even in some of the most developed cities of the world. By the time you’ve recovered from an Internet issue, I can guarantee at least 50% of your audience will have lost interest and checked out.

#3. Use two screens.

One for the presentation and one for the lay of the land. You can bounce between the presentation and questions from the audience simply without accidently closing the webinar or losing it on my desktop.

#4. Never sit down.

When you’re standing your voice boasts confidence, you’re able to walk around and avoid the drowsy feeling of sitting down. I also find that my thoughts are clearer while standing.

#5. Make sure you have a clean desk.

Remove all possible distractions or anything that may distract you or throw your train of thought.

#6. Use a clicker/remote.

This allows you to move around yet still be engaged and have the power to control the presentation.

#7. Close everything on your desktop that you’re not using.

The last thing you want is a Skype call to pop out or a Google Calendar jump up on your shared screen just as you enter the denouement of your presentation. Shut down everything -- browser tabs, Skype, the lot.

#8. Always have a copilot.

Not only does it create dialog but gives you a professional way for you to open and close a webinar. And, if you just so happen to go blank, at least someone has your back.

#9. Never present data if you don’t know the source.

They say 86% of all data is made up. And, there’ll always be someone ready to call you out if they think you’re wrong.

#10. Start with a story.

There’s nothing like humanizing your story or touching on a pain-point to help you engage the audience and tell a story.

I hope you’ve been able to take something of value from this list. Remember - what happens on the Internet, remains on the Internet, so be careful out there. Feel free to share links for your upcoming or previous webinars in the comment section below. We’d love to take a look at them.

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Tom Lombardo

RESULTS' Director of Marketing and a passionate student of the incredible shift B2B marketing is enjoying today. As one of RESULTS' main advocates, he has become an equally passionate student of management psychology that creates engagement, creativity & growth.

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