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Kendall Langston

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It's all about attitude when it comes to company culture and results

By Kendall Langston on Aug 11, 2014


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Leadership lessons from John Spence

By Kendall Langston on Apr 13, 2013

One of the best things about working at RESULTS is that we get the opportunity to meet and hang out with many of the thought leaders on the planet. It is a chance to understand their thinking, discuss ideas, hear how they apply ideas and concepts and to just get to know them.

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The art of Setting Lofty Goals

By Kendall Langston on Mar 30, 2013

I am lucky enough to live in the leadership space. Every day I am paid to lead the company to set and achieve the goals set by our strategic plan. Every day I am influencing people and their activities. Every day I am overcoming the challenges that this throws my way.

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6 steps every leader needs to take to stay in front

By Kendall Langston on Mar 2, 2013

High performance leaders make time to plan ahead.

As I go about my daily work with business leaders, I find myself constantly encouraging them to plan ahead. Being reactive leads to them constantly “playing catch-up.” As a team leader myself, I find it is a constant challenge to be one step ahead of the team, to see what is coming next and to shape the future so I understand the challenge. 

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Business Leadership: The Big 5 Lessons of 2012

By Kendall Langston on Jan 5, 2013

It is summer here in New Zealand. A time when people take a longer holiday and enjoy family, time in the outdoors and exploring our beautiful country. Business leaders need time out, and I try to take at least three weeks off and to unplug from the grid. This means deleting the e-mail accounts from my cell phone and not being available! Novel stuff I know in the world of 24/7 connectedness. 

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Leadership lessons from the Army: How to fight to win!

By Kendall Langston on Dec 15, 2012

Much of my working life has been spent as an Army Officer, initially as a regular and later in the Reserves. I have found that the skills I learned and applied on the battlefields of the world are very relevant and transferable for leading teams and driving business execution; especially in this increasingly dynamic and ever changing marketplace.

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Leading by design with the Stanford University D School

By Kendall Langston on Nov 10, 2012

One of the things I love about working with RESULTS.com is that learning is constant. There is never a day goes by that I don’t learn more about business, people, leadership, or gain new perspectives that challenge our thinking about things or how we do them.

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The power of consequence: tools to help improve performance.

By Kendall Langston on Oct 20, 2012

The art of using consequences to improve poor performance. 

Recently one of our Software users submitted a question on our website and asked the following, “What do I do if someone in my sales team does not hit their targets each week and has a red dashboard? How do I handle that?” 

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If Change isn’t Needed - it is Probably Time to Change

By Kendall Langston on Sep 8, 2012

Most days I am working with business leaders who are trying to drive business execution and achieve better results.  Finding the time to execute their strategic plan whilst managing the fast pace of “business as usual” is the biggest challenge for the leader of any organisation. In reality, it is really about making strategic execution the number one priority on an extensive priority list.

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Leadership tools to drive Business Execution Success

By Kendall Langston on Jul 14, 2012

Leading people is one of life’s great challenges and privileges. Every day at RESULTS.com I work with CEO’s and Business owners who have “People Issues”. Let's face it we all have them from time to time, and dare I say it when you are in the leadership game, "People Issues" are "Business as Usual". So why do leaders dread it so much? Short answer: it takes courage, patience, common sense and focus to get the best out of people. The rest comes with experience, being authentic, leading from the front, and being able to guide, mentor and develop your team.

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