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How to Hire a Consultant & Be the Consultant Who Gets Hired

Most management consultants deliver guidance in two broad categories: First, there’s the business side. Then there’s the human side. The two have become evermore intertwined. 

Employees continue to become more sophisticated. Better informed. And the nature of work has changed. Now it requires a deeper understanding of the business purpose driving it.

The global consulting leaders McKinsey & Company saw this happening for their Fortune 5000 clients in 2007, and they came up with a solution.

Today, it’s happening at practically every organization, of every size. Because of that, business leaders should hire only consulting firms that deliver a similar solution.

And consulting firms who want to know what that that solution is, and how to profit from it, need to keep reading.

First, Business

In order to make the human side work, you have to have the business side locked down. Management today is all about metrics and goals. It’s about organizing people into effective teams, giving them a clear mission, aligning them with a winning strategy, and respecting them with the right kind of transparency.

Consultants delivering this have a great deal of expertise. This is not a soft skill; it requires a detailed understanding of business processes. It requires creativity in an almost mathematical way, especially for metrics, which have to be something the employee can control independently, while also being something that can be mapped straight back to strategy. It’s the “hard part” that many CEOs are willing to pay for because it creates the potential for excellent returns.

But, and this is critical, it’s just potential. All that work, all that knowledge, all that understanding creates a possible future. 

Second, Psychology

Making it come true requires people, and managing people requires psychology. Today, it’s all about buy-in. Everyone – especially Millennials – needs to  understand before they can engage.

The psychology behind that engagement is complex because it is exceedingly granular. Practically every individual needs their own personalized version of it.

Consultants addressing this need have a great deal of expertise, too. But coaching of this nature requires more time. CEOs get the goals and metrics. The psychology can be very difficult.

McKinsey & Co recognized this back in 2007. They realized that their Fortune 5000 clients needed more help with the soft skills than they did with the goals and metrics. But in order to have the time to help with that, they had to enable their clients to lock down the business side.

So they introduced McKinsey Solutions, which is software that “can be embedded at a client, providing ongoing engagement.” It helped lock down the business process, at least from the executive suite's point of view.

This freed their consultants to coach managers on how to treat people so they would participate happily and productively. Since then, their lock down technology has become a regular part of McKinsey's business.

The Consultant Businesses Want

Leaner, team-oriented businesses need even more. In these organizations, the potential of goals and metrics vanishes without a way to keep them in sight. A Chinese proverb says that “The best memory is worse than the faintest ink,” which is a useful insight into human nature: "If I can’t see it, then, in no time, I’ll have no accurate understanding of it."

RESULTS addresses that exact need. Ambitious leaders know that inspiring people isn’t enough. But when work-related texting and meetings are all about goals and metrics, then they become something everyone can see and strive towards purposefully.That's the lock down that most businesses need. Without it, people can't stay inspired. It’s impossible for them to stay aligned. There's no ink. 

And so, more and more leaders will only work with consultants who provide that lock down. 

The Consultant You Want To Be

While RESULTS delivers a great deal of consulting in the platform as videos and @RESULTSCoach, business leaders all know that nothing compares to working with a consultant in person.

Everyone needs an outside set of eyes. Our partners create exactly the right metrics and goals and keep them front-and-center in the RESULTS platform. Lock down complete.

Then they really spread their wings. They can teach their clients how to inspire their the team. They can tell their stories about how to manage everyone from Millennials to Traditionalists.They can inspire their client to lead so their strategy comes true. They can contribute the high-level creativity they love most. 

We’re looking for visionaries who want to be the McKinsey’s in their market. We have set out on a global, 20-city tour to find the best management and strategy consultants in the world.

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Tom Lombardo

RESULTS' Director of Marketing and a passionate student of the incredible shift B2B marketing is enjoying today. As one of RESULTS' main advocates, he has become an equally passionate student of management psychology that creates engagement, creativity & growth.

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