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TRADEXTRA | Decorating Suppliers 

Master craftspeople require a high-level, consultative sale. They also need timely and flawless delivery of the materials and equipment they require to serve their own discerning clients. To meet that demand, consistently and over a large region, Tradextra had to align everyone in the company, maximize their talents, and incorporate their insights. 


Few things are as conspicuous as our surroundings, and few things affect us as profoundly. For Tradextra to serve uncompromising craftspeople in the painting, plastering and decorating trades, they stock a wide variety of materials, tools and equipment.

They have the expertise to understand it all so they can help their craftspeople create exactly the ambience their customers want. And of course, Tradextra’s long-term success depends upon their ability to anticipate the market, so they can stock what’s up-and- coming and have it when their clients need it.

That means the company’s owner, Patrick McLean, spends time talking to the professionals he serves, making those consultative sales, and tracking real-world trends in his market. But he’s not the only one doing this. While his insights need to be understood by everyone in the company so they will all serve their clients correctly and consistently, he knows his employees also have great ideas. His business does better when he captures them so he can take advantage of their insights as well as his own. 

The teamwork happens because everyone has a common goal. There’s a common target. So having meetings, involving people, having relevant information in front of them, helps them as a team achieve our goals.


— Patrick McLean, Founder and CEO, Tradextra


Company meetings, therefore, are critical to the business’ success. “One of the main things RESULTS.com did was to make our meetings happen,” McLean told us. “We were slack at meetings, and RESULTS.com let us bring things forward in a group situation.”

Not only did this help McLean make better use of everyone’s ideas and efforts, it also
streamlined management. Since Tradextra is a family-owned business, everyone wants the company to succeed. “Teamwork happens because, in RESULTS.com, everyone has a common goal,” he said.

“It gives me real skills as a manager. With it, we can have a robust discussion about a particular issue,” he explained, saying that the ability to relate everything back to company goals made mangement, and meetings, more meaningful.. “It makes things nice and transparent,” he said. “People know what’s coming up, and we can discuss things accordingly.”

This affects his competitive position as well as his business development. “The main way it helps me compete is through targets,” he said, referring to both Objectives and Key Results (projects) and Key Performance Indicators (metrics). “You can see trends,” he explained. “In areas where I’m targeting a certain idea, I can allocate that as a goal. Rather than thinking, ‘Oh, we’ll do this someday,’ it keeps results for the company in front of us continually.”

In this context, hitting targets becomes meaningful for everyone. “RESULTS.com has reinforced our goals and makes them happen. The staff has tasks, so they have something to do per week, and this leads to achieving our goals,” he said. “It helps me build.” 


Tradextra, situated in Warkworth and serving the painting, plastering, and decorating trades from Auckland to Cape Reinga, provides expert support and service to tradespersons in the field. Specializing in a wide range of products and capital equipment, the company has a sales van in the field five days a week and makes most deliveries free of charge. 

Focused on helping their customers succeed in the field, the company’s integrity and reliability have made it the preferred provider across the region. 

For more information visit: http://www.tradextra.co.nz/ 

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