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How To Find the Key Benefits Your Brand Offers

By Stephen Lynch on Jan 30, 2018

Here's a classic marketing story that I love. It's about an elderly woman who needs to buy a new furnace to replace the one in her home that has just failed. Naturally, she goes to an appliance store. There's only one salesman on the floor, so she waits patiently for him to complete a phone call. Then he walks over and introduces himself.

Topics: Branding
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Brand Promise - What’s in it for your customers?

By Stephen Lynch on Apr 9, 2014

Your Brand Promise should be blunt, overt, and compelling...why?

Your Strategic Position is a statement of who you are. Your Brand Promise should tell your customer what they can expect to receive from your brand. Your Brand Promise is the blunt, overt, compelling offer you're going to put in front of your target market customers. Your Brand Promise is going to be derived from, and supported by, your three Key Benefits

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Personal branding for busy business leaders

By Stephen Lynch on Aug 15, 2012

Social media’s impact on our business and personal lives is only going to intensify. Your colleagues, staff, boss, clients, suppliers, investors, potential business partners, recruiters and business connections are already judging you based on what they find about you online. Like it or not, you are a brand. 

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