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The Future of Business Is Orchestration

By Tom Lombardo on Nov 22, 2016

Fortune favors the bold. - Roman proverb

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Why Less Data Creates a Better Culture

By William Wiebe on Aug 17, 2016

Your people are with you because they love your culture. There’s something about the way you run your business that fits them. They like each other, and they like your customers. Every leader who's ever run a successful team knows how important those intangibles are. Your culture feeds your success.

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The Secret Needs of Highly Accountable Employees

By Andrew Ritchie on Jan 26, 2016

Hiring accountable people is the key to success for any business, but their accountability is only part of the equation. Here’s the secret to getting the best out of the best people you’ve hired.

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Business Process Automation Could Potentially Save You Thousands

By Orlando Werffeli on Oct 27, 2015

There is nearly 11 times more business to business organizations with automation than there were in early 2011. Why?

Businesses are finding new innovative ways in which they can cut down on costs associated to poor productivity. In a recent study by Business Insider, it was found that your company could be losing up to $3,156 per employee due to issues related to poor productivity.

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5 Ways to Get Millennials to Embrace Their Jobs

By Tom Lombardo on Oct 6, 2015

Great companies have a vision of where they want to go. And they share it so everyone in the company not only knows the vision, but also buys into it.

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Post-Recession Millennials and Authentic Engagement

By Tom Lombardo on Sep 29, 2015

Over the course of the economic recovery we’ve been expanding RESULTS.com in North America at double-digit rates, and that’s put us in a unique position to watch a fundamental change in the way people relate to work. 

 It has a lot to do with the Millennials coming into the workforce, but it’s not just them.

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Best Practices to Achieve your BHAG

By Stephen Lynch on Sep 22, 2015

What it takes to create and inspire your team with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

The work we do at RESULTS.com gives us the rare privilege of being able to study thousands of businesses, working closely with them to identify the right goals and approach to developing a successful business strategy.

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What's the pulse of your business?

By Stephen Lynch on Jul 28, 2015

Your KPIs establish the pulse of your organization and ultimately its success. Learn how to find the right pulse.

When people are going through the process of choosing their Key Performance Indicators (the numbers that drive the success of your operating model), they often ask, “How frequently should we be tracking our KPI measures?”  It’s an interesting question.

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Employee Engagement Starts with the Manager

By Stephen Lynch on Jul 21, 2015

Where do you think employee engagement starts?

With all the thousands of books and articles published on the subject “employee engagement” over the last decade, you’d think some of it would be having a positive impact by now. Not so.

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4 secrets behind a high-performance culture

By Joseph Cole on Apr 24, 2015

Most CEOs and business leaders know culture is important, but don't truly get what needs to change.

Many business leaders acknowledge the importance of employee engagement, but few actually know what tangible things they can do to motivate and engage their team. Adding to this problem, I found an interesting note in a Harvard Business Review article which indicated that the employee engagement score declines as you go down an organization’s org chart. Effectively this suggests there is a disconnect between leadership and their respective teams.  

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