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Is It Time to Update Your Company Vision?

By Stephen Lynch on Mar 20, 2018

Here at RESULTS.com we recently chose to update our company vision. Obviously, this is not something to be undertaken frequently or frivolously.

Topics: Culture
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How to Build Your Business with Millennials

By Tom Lombardo on Nov 27, 2016

Now that Millennials make up 36% of employees worldwide, most executives and business owners have made a priority of meeting their needs and aligning their success with the company’s. Fortunately, doing that for Millennials succeeds in doing it for most all employees. That’s because, as a group, they entered the workforce over the course of the recession, which for them was a formative experience. But since they shared it with everyone else, the lessons they learned, and the desires they pursue as a response to it, apply to a much broader demographic.

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