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How Top Consultants Grow Their Business

By Stephen Lynch on Oct 31, 2017

Top tier consulting firms have major clients in their “logo soup.” On their website and on a slide in their first presentation to a potential client, they are proud to mention the fact that they have provided services to large, prestigious companies in their area or vertical. It shows that they’re in the top tier of their category. It shows that people with significant budgets and significant pressures on their performance trust their judgement.

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How Top Consultants Justify Their Value

By Stephen Lynch on Oct 17, 2017

It can be hard to sell an intangible service like consulting. It’s even harder to justify your price. You might have a solid business background and rate your abilities as an educator and facilitator very highly. But so do many of your competitors. How do you show prospective clients that what you have to offer is meaningfully different and superior?

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The Secret Way Top Consultants Sell Themselves

By Stephen Lynch on Oct 10, 2017

RESULTS.com started out in New Zealand, where I am originally from, more than 20 years ago. For most of our history, we were a management consulting firm, helping small to medium size businesses to create their strategic plans and implement our business execution methodology into their business to help them execute their plans.

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10 Tips for Delivering a Live Webinar

By Tom Lombardo on Oct 30, 2015

Your next webinar should be your best! Based on a survey by ReadyTalk, between 20% and 40% of webinar attendees turn out to be qualified leads.

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How to Unite Marketing & Sales to Improve Customer Acquisition

By Orlando Werffeli on Oct 13, 2015

Did you know 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative? 

So how can we embrace each other’s differences to increase customer acquisition together?

Over the past couple of months, our marketing and sales teams have grown significantly across both offices in the northern and southern hemisphere.

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Startup/SMB launching a PPC Campaign? Track the KPIs that matter.

By Michael Steele on Oct 1, 2015

Paid advertising represents a crucial inflection point in a growing company’s business. But how do you measure if you’re doing it right?

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Day 3 of INBOUND 2015

By Orlando Werffeli on Sep 11, 2015

Sales in a new light, with a new set of ABCs by Daniel Pink at INBOUND 2015.

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How to use LinkedIn to fuel your company's growth

By Joseph Cole on Mar 24, 2015

4 practical tips you can use to increase brand awareness and drive lead generation with LinkedIn

At RESULTS.com we have a lean marketing team. Many of our clients share a similar set-up with equally ambitious lead generation goals and sales targets (often in lieu of a marketing budget at all). Does this sound like your company?

For this reason, we’ve leveraged LinkedIn to create brand awareness and to feed qualified leads to our sales team. Below is a list of practical tips I’ve learned through using LinkedIn to help fuel company growth.

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