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The Meeting Facilitator's Role

By Stephen Lynch on Jul 17, 2018

In my opinion, the meeting facilitator’s primary role is to optimize meeting productivity. Well-structured meetings chaired by a competent facilitator can help keep attendees focused and engaged, hold people accountable for performance, support the decision-making process, and assign clear tasks to advance progress. Before giving you some of my recommendations for meeting facilitators, let’s review The 5 P's of Productive Meetings:

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How to Make Every Meeting Strategic

By Tom Lombardo on Sep 21, 2016

Ratha Grimes

Meaningful achievement depends on lifting one's sights and pushing toward the horizon. 

– Daniel H. Pink, Drive

Great executives lead a group of committed people to a destination on the horizon. They keep their head up. They trust each other. They’re probably not marching in formation, but they’re strategically aligned because they’re heading to the same place. What matters most is that everyone is looking forward.

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Top Three Reasons Meetings Fail

By Tom Lombardo on Jul 27, 2016


At some point in their career, practically all business leaders hit a well-known, oft-discussed, and absolutely impenetrable barrier: they can’t clone themselves.

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Great Meetings Include Hunting

By William Wiebe on Jun 29, 2016

JRMartin Photography/Flickr

I go hunting at a duck club about an hour east of our San Francisco office, and last season when I aimed and shot at a Mallard, I had an inspiration. I realized why people have a hard time understanding business leaders – even if they really want to.

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Collaboration Grows Up

By Tom Lombardo on May 17, 2016

When you have disciplined people, you don’t need hierarchy.

Good to Great,
Jim Collins

Every organization ultimately exists to achieve something an individual can’t.
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Revolutionize Your Meetings Before It's Too Late

By Tom Lombardo on May 10, 2016

I’ve been running or attending meetings at businesses around the world for nearly twenty years.

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Assets for No Cost

By Tom Lombardo on Apr 20, 2016

Many of us have worked in companies where the executives all but hid in their offices and let only the bare minimum of carefully controlled information trickle out.

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The Number One Secret to Productivity - Time To Reflect And Learn

By Stephen Lynch on Oct 20, 2015

As life seems to be getting busier, are you finding yourself running faster and faster just to keep up?

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Top 5 KPIs for Your Operations Team

By Andrew Ritchie on Oct 8, 2015

In operations, numbers are everything. No matter what type of business, operations teams have the same quantifiable directive.

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The Millennial Meeting: Embrace the Tech, Reap the Rewards

By Laurel Wiebe on Sep 25, 2015

Understanding how Millennials function in the workplace can be a challenge. Here's how to make the most out of Meetings that include Millennials.

We’ve all experienced the awkward, frustrating attempt to converse with a person who relentlessly checks his or her phone. Their eyes rarely greeting your own as you speak: “Am I boring you?” “Is that text really necessary?” These are some questions that arise when someone expresses their egregious indifference towards you as you attempt to connect with them.

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