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CEO's Top 3 Fears for 2018

By Tom Lombardo on Jan 10, 2018

Sometimes success breeds anxiety, and the business leaders we serve worldwide are expressing both. On the success side, the U.S. is still enjoying the record-breaking stock market bull run that began in 2009, and most of our clients have profited from it.

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Do This Alongside Your Year-End Reviews

By Tom Lombardo on Oct 26, 2016

If you haven’t abandoned performance reviews yet, you probably have the same reason as Facebook: “Critics of performance evaluations have suggested that ratings automatically produce a fight-or-flight response,” their executives write. “Actually, many people have stronger reactions to not being rated.”&nbsp;

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Advice for New Managers

By Stephen Lynch on Aug 3, 2016

Are you a new manager, or hoping to be one soon?

Unfortunately, most new managers are left to sink or swim when they get promoted into a leadership role. The data is concerning, 40% of new managers don’t last 18 months.

Topics: Productivity
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The Secret Source of Right Answers

By Tom Lombardo on Jul 6, 2016


Six out of ten executives believe, according to the Harvard Business Review, that their enterprises make good decisions as often as they make bad ones.

That’s horrible. Can you imagine trying to get a degree with a record like that? What if every time you got an “A,” you got an “F” as well? You’d go insane. What about raising children? What if every time you managed to do something wise, you knew that your stupidity was about to land a punch as well? You’d go insane – and you’d be depressed.

Topics: Productivity
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The Number One Secret to Productivity - Time To Reflect And Learn

By Stephen Lynch on Oct 20, 2015

As life seems to be getting busier, are you finding yourself running faster and faster just to keep up?

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10 things you probably didn't know about KPIs

By Laurel Wiebe on Aug 10, 2015

There's a lot out there about KPIs. We'll help you uncover everything you should know about KPIs.

1. Honestly, what is a KPI... 

KPI is an acronym for "Key Performance Indicator." These indicators measure your company's activity and effectiveness that determine your desired outcomes. They measure your critical success factors that drive your existing business model.
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How coffee breaks can improve your effectiveness

By Stephen Lynch on Aug 15, 2014

As a business leader, you need to think carefully about how you spend your most important resource – your time. 

If you're not deliberate about how you manage your time, you can fritter it away doing “busywork” – e.g. responding to emails and reacting to what is going on around you.  You may feel like you are working hard, but are you actually moving your company forward?

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6 steps every leader needs to take to stay in front

By Kendall Langston on Mar 2, 2013

High performance leaders make time to plan ahead.

As I go about my daily work with business leaders, I find myself constantly encouraging them to plan ahead. Being reactive leads to them constantly “playing catch-up.” As a team leader myself, I find it is a constant challenge to be one step ahead of the team, to see what is coming next and to shape the future so I understand the challenge. 

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