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Dashboards are Done – This is Next

By Tom Lombardo on Aug 10, 2016

As a CEO, you’re always looking for the insight that will change everything for you and your business.

You study your competitors because you intend to see what they missed. You read everything, hoping to find that outlier idea first. You chat with your friends, working off their thoughts to sharpen your own. And for the last decade or so, a lot of CEOs spent a lot of time creating – and recreating, over and over – one “dashboard” after another.

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How AI Will Affect Your Business Within 5 Years

By Tom Lombardo on Apr 5, 2016

Technology has already changed business completely. Everyone knows that.

But the real revolution is yet to come.

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Business Process Automation Could Potentially Save You Thousands

By Orlando Werffeli on Oct 27, 2015

There is nearly 11 times more business to business organizations with automation than there were in early 2011. Why?

Businesses are finding new innovative ways in which they can cut down on costs associated to poor productivity. In a recent study by Business Insider, it was found that your company could be losing up to $3,156 per employee due to issues related to poor productivity.

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Progress: the most motivating factor for employees

By Stephen Lynch on Dec 8, 2012

4 ways to improve the feeling of progress in your company.

After examining 12,000 daily diary entries from workers in a survey, the authors of the book “The Progress Principle” reached a set of fascinating conclusions:  How people feel inside profoundly affects their performance - and the most powerful motivating factor for employees is seeing tangible progress whilst performing meaningful work. 

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