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How to run better team meetings.

By Stephen Lynch on Apr 24, 2015

Ford Motor Company used weekly meetings to improve company performance. Here's how:

When Alan Mulally became the CEO of Ford in 2006, he discovered that his senior executives spent too much time in meetings, so he quickly eliminated all unnecessary ones. However, he instituted a comprehensive weekly meeting to review strategic progress and discuss performance.

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4 secrets behind a high-performance culture

By Joseph Cole on Apr 24, 2015

Most CEOs and business leaders know culture is important, but don't truly get what needs to change.

Many business leaders acknowledge the importance of employee engagement, but few actually know what tangible things they can do to motivate and engage their team. Adding to this problem, I found an interesting note in a Harvard Business Review article which indicated that the employee engagement score declines as you go down an organization’s org chart. Effectively this suggests there is a disconnect between leadership and their respective teams.  

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Company Culture, Key to Client Success

By Joseph Cole on Apr 7, 2015

Core values serve as the building block for a strong company culture. At advertising agencies, culture is important.

Core values serve as the building block for a strong company culture. It might be an exaggerated comparison, but core values are like your company’s version of the “ten commandments.” They help provide your company direction and serve as its moral compass.

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5 benefits of transparency in business

By Joseph Cole on Sep 28, 2014

Ignoring transparency in business is radically silly.

Transparency is something most people value, whether it’s in business, politics or with personal relationships. Unfortunately, in many cases, the word transparency is used as little more than a buzzword.

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