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How to Hire a Consultant & Be the Consultant Who Gets Hired

By Tom Lombardo on Sep 29, 2017

Most management consultants deliver guidance in two broad categories: First, there’s the business side. Then there’s the human side. The two have become evermore intertwined. 

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Is Your Organization Ready for KPIs?

By Tom Lombardo on Mar 19, 2017

Practically every business leader reaches a point where they have to marvel at the wealth of data they’re collecting from all the software applications they’re using to run their company.

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How To Motivate Employees with Your Phone

By Tom Lombardo on Mar 6, 2017

You don’t need proof to know that people do better work when they’re in a good mood. And you don’t need a study to tell you that a good mood will spread from person to person. But how do you put people in a good mood? How do you get that started? If you could do that, your team would be happier. Management would be easier, and, almost certainly, there’d be a positive impact on your business.

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How Strategy Builds Community

By Tom Lombardo on Jan 10, 2017

Man is by nature a social animal. Society is something that precedes the individual.
— Aristotle

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2017 Will Be Completely Different - Here’s Why

By Tom Lombardo on Jan 4, 2017

Last year sure got under people’s skin, didn’t it? I think this is the first time in it’s 127-year history that the Wall Street Journal actually published a guide – no kidding – to “night spots…throwing parties to capitalize on widespread bitterness about 2016.” While losing Mohammad Ali and David Bowie certainly means 2016 had it’s downside, let others search for reasons to be “bitter.”&nbsp;

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Your People Are Your Capital

By Tom Lombardo on Dec 13, 2016

A fascinating discovery recently reported in the Harvard Business Review arose from an experiment where the authors asked pairs of strangers to tap out a beat. They either tapped in-synch with each other, or out-of-synch with each other. Later, one of the pair was faced with an unfair load of work, and the other knew about it.

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Strategic Planning in Today's Reality

By Tom Lombardo on Dec 5, 2016

A lot of entrepreneurs think about strategic planning around this time of year, which is great, because the exercise has never been more important than it is now. In the recent past, you could go for years without changing your business much, and still make payroll. In fact, the heroic entrepreneur was often the guy who kept doing the same thing, really well, for years on end.

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How to Build Your Business with Millennials

By Tom Lombardo on Nov 27, 2016

Now that Millennials make up 36% of employees worldwide, most executives and business owners have made a priority of meeting their needs and aligning their success with the company’s. Fortunately, doing that for Millennials succeeds in doing it for most all employees. That’s because, as a group, they entered the workforce over the course of the recession, which for them was a formative experience. But since they shared it with everyone else, the lessons they learned, and the desires they pursue as a response to it, apply to a much broader demographic.

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The Future of Business Is Orchestration

By Tom Lombardo on Nov 22, 2016

Fortune favors the bold. - Roman proverb

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Do This Alongside Your Year-End Reviews

By Tom Lombardo on Oct 26, 2016

If you haven’t abandoned performance reviews yet, you probably have the same reason as Facebook: “Critics of performance evaluations have suggested that ratings automatically produce a fight-or-flight response,” their executives write. “Actually, many people have stronger reactions to not being rated.”&nbsp;

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