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Use Strategic Planning To Grow Your Business

hbr-strategy-frmeworks-over-time.pngI found the graphic to the right in the Harvard Business Review, and to me it speaks volumes about what we’re trying to accomplish here at RESUTLS.

HBR thinks the image shows how many new “strategic frameworks” people have come up with over the last few decades.

I think it maps the mounting frustration business leaders feel with the whole challenge of making a strategy work.

Why else would they constantly look for something new?

What’s really amazing about business leaders today is that they’re taking a big step back from those frustrations. You know the cliche: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over  -- and expecting a different result.

Enough with “Frameworks”

An effective strategy fits on one page. Writing it should take you through the deepest soul searching of your professional life. And when your soul is in it, you can modify it at will to make sure the tactical elements stay relevant to your market and your goals.

If that one page comes from you -- from your heart, from the core of who you are and why you started your business in the first place, it will never fit into a “framework.”

But it will inspire your managers. If you let it. And that’s what’s really changing today.

Strategic Planning: A Family Business

Your leadership team is your family. They're the ones trying to succeed with you. Strategic alignment is not abstract to these people. They want it. They need it, and if you provide it you will get the best out of them.

You don't need an elaborate framework for that. You need a strategic plan that makes sense to the people who lead everyone else. That's how you get your strategy to impact your business. When your managers understand it, then your customers and business partners start to experience your business in a better way.

Another article in HBR put it this way:

The very best strategic leadership helps the entire organization understand that all of its choices result in the strategy that customers experience...

Your customers feel your strategy. And that pulls strategic planning out of the abstract and puts it right there in your profit/loss statement, doesn’t it?

If you are clear about your strategy, you can grow your business with your existing team. Strategic planning can lift you off of a plateau and help you grow again. It can help your organization reach its full potential. 

The proof that a clearly stated and clearly communicated strategy does this keeps mounting and mounting. So don't overthink it with a bunch of elaborate frameworks. 

Get to the heart of the matter today, and create a living strategic plan and rally your team for the new year.

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Tom Lombardo

RESULTS' Director of Marketing and a passionate student of the incredible shift B2B marketing is enjoying today. As one of RESULTS' main advocates, he has become an equally passionate student of management psychology that creates engagement, creativity & growth.

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